TIH program

Due to Covid-19 sanitary conditions, the TIH program is canceled for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Technologies & Imaging for Healthcare is a novel, rapidly developing engineering track offering a broad scope of training that suits the needs of both industry and research. In a context of increasing healthcare costs, personalized medicine and digital health, engineers with training and experience in healthcare applications are becoming highly desirable.

Telecom Physique Strasbourg is at the forefront of engineering for healthcare owing to its unique location in the European landscape. In particular, Telecom Physique Strasbourg faculty are experts in technologies for health that work with world-renown institutions located in Strasbourg, such as IRCAD (www.ircad.fr), and the University Hospital Institute (www.ihu-strasbourg.eu), both specialized in novel and innovative technologies for health.

The International Program of Telecom Physique Strasbourg is taught in English by former top-tier US institutions faculty (Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical School) that chose to establish their research and teaching activities in Strasbourg. Telecom Physique Strasbourg proposes a forward-looking and innovative degree course in France which combines healthcare knowledge with the technical, biomedical and engineering skills needed for engineers to be more competent and efficient in today’s professional world.

Spring semester


Summer semester

During the summer semester, Telecom PS laboratories offer paid internships in healthcare technologies research.

Research - paid internship (8 credits)